The EMBLEM process is built on research, foresight and instinct. We study a city’s future economic growth and instill our projects at the heart of that transformative experience—then go further, down to the neighbourhood, the community, the crossroad. Our projects become landmarks around which landscapes form. Because they are often the first communities of their kind to rise, their value generates itself, elevating the resident’s experience and maximizing the investor’s.

This Is Real Estate Development in the Truest Sense.
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Over the past few years, the historic city of Hamilton has undergone a dramatic transformation from an industrial powerhouse to a vibrant, creative destination full of energy and excitement. A spirit of renaissance has taken over. The downtown core is thriving like never before, with an incredible variety of shops, artistic events, live music venues, and culinary experiences.

Powered by over $1 billion in investments, the city’s landscape is rapidly changing in a perfect mix of heritage and innovation.

$140 Million

Waterfront Redevelopment

With more parks, bike paths, boardwalks and people-centred spaces, West Harbour will be transformed into a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly community with a variety of activities year-round. This new lifestyle waterfront will also be home to a bustling commercial village and a public piazza, a boulevard full of galleries, stores, and restaurants.

$500 Million

Entertainment Hub

Along with the revitalization of existing venues, namely the FirstOntario Concert Hall, the FirstOntario Centre and the Hamilton Convention Centre. Fine art will also be in full bloom with the modernization of the Art Gallery of Hamilton, home to a permanent collection of more than 10,000 works.

$400 Million

Bell Investment

Set to be the largest digital infrastructure investment in the city’s history.




In 1798, the intersection of Dundas and Hurontario was a busy stagecoach stop on an important transportation artery. Today, it is the centre of Cooksville, a town which has remade itself over and over again since the 1800s to be what it is now: a hub of entrepreneurship and commerce, and a diverse, mixed-use neighbourhood of apartment buildings and houses, low-rise businesses, parks and schools—all enviably close to downtown Mississauga.

A Designated Intensification Corridor: 52,000 New Residents | 9,600 New Jobs.

Dundas Connects

This master plan will beautify the Dundas corridor, transforming it into a vibrant, dynamic street that nourishes a growing population. Anchored by new residential buildings that incorporate retail options at ground level, Dundas will flourish with more of what makes a city enticing for residents: greenspace and public art, pedestrian-friendly streets and safer transportation, better public transit and even a new state-of-the-art Community Hub.

New Hurontario LRT

Cooksville’s status as a transportation hub will be enhanced by the new 18 km Hurontario Light Rapid Transit (LRT) line, now under construction. With 19 stops, it will connect to the existing Cooksville GO Station and enable access to the entire GTA.

Mississauga at a Glance.

#1 ranking in Top 10 Mid-Sized North American Cities of the Future.

25 million people shop annually at Square One, Ontario’s largest mall.

500+ parks & 12 major trail systems.

98,000 registered businesses employing more than 445,000 people.

18,000,000 square feet of planned real estate development.

3,000,000 square feet of Class A office space.




As the political centre of Canada, Ottawa is a microcosm of the country’s spirit and multiculturalism. History and innovation coexist. The city has everything its residents could need for a modern, urban lifestyle. Verdant parkland and rolling rivers meet the cultural hubs of The ByWard Market, Parliament Hill, and Golden Triangle. Museums, theatres and performing art venues are showcases; the dozens of annual festivals and national celebrations are spectacles. Walking along the streets, there’s always an opportunity to discover new galleries, restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs.

A hub of education, Ottawa is home to 120,000 post-secondary students.

1.2 Million

Population Growth

The nation’s capital continues to be one of the best places in the world to live and work, holding the highest city population growth rate in Canada.

$4.5 Billion

Transit Investment

Ottawa’s 35km of extended LRT will bring shorter commutes, cleaner air, and a stronger economy to Canada’s capital. Converting the lifestyle of many, the LRT addition will transform Ottawa’s infrastructure.


1st in the World

The capital is home to the largest bilingual English-French university in the world, offering studies in both languages, attracting thousands of students annually.




The beating pulse of the country, Toronto remains one of Canada’s most coveted experiences. The city has led itself to the forefront of employment and commerce, arts and culture, innovation and technology—and it continues to entrench its place there.

Its demographic is as diverse as its landscape, with pockets of international communities calling the city home, from the beaches and bluffs to the south, through the dense topography of office space and residential neighbourhoods, up to the verdant greenspace to the north.

Here, the city’s residents are connected to one of the most dynamic, urban centres in the world, and to the surrounding regions of the country.

It is a cutting-edge environment where the labour force continues to grow, the market share remains strong and opportunities are around every corner.

3.5 Million

Population Growth

Toronto’s exhilarating culture and opportunity growth continues to capture the heart of many, with its population estimated to increase 13% by 2030. This immense growth will raise Canada’s largest city to a population of eight million.

$28.5 Billion

Transit Investment

The Ontario Line’s 15.6-kilometre rapid transit line will bring faster, more frequent and reliable access to the GTA. This transformative project promises economic and community growth that will revolutionize day-to-day life in Canada’s largest city.

University of Toronto

16th in the World

Toronto is home to the top university in Canada, and 16th in the world. The University of Toronto continues to pave the path as one of the best educational facilities across the globe.