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The mark of exceptional design.

Every great
design begins
with intention.

Design is in EMBLEM’s DNA. There is no substitute for great design. It is the single most important factor in how we feel about our home; it determines how we live our lives, how we interact with our loved ones, and how we rejuvenate. Great design creates a feeling of connection to one’s space — an intangible feeling that is the most significant achievement a developer can deliver to their buyer.

Great design is the difference between a space that feels right and one that provides no connection.

Our team imagines living in your future home before we have even built it, obsessing about the design of every space from the inside to the outside. Great design is the difference between a space that feels right and one that provides no connection. Our luxurious spaces are based on simple, timeless design — the key ingredient of a home and a successful investment.


Exceptional design.

EMBLEM is proud to play a vital role in the Dundas Connects master-plan that will transform the Dundas corridor into a vibrant, dynamic street.

Spearheading the plan, our two proposed new communities, Artform at 86 Dundas St. E. and 85 Dundas St. W, will incorporate modern design and lively retail options at street level.

Dundas connet projects

Dundas Connects Project.

EMBLEM’s two upcoming communities at Dundas and Hurontario are part of the Dundas Connects master-plan. Ten years in the making, this plan will see an incredible revitalization of the Dundas Corridor, with new parks, improved transit, beautiful green spaces and unique businesses.

Major transit improvemnts

Major transit improvements.

EMBLEM’s two new Cooksville communities are conveniently located at Hurontario and Dundas, which the City of Mississauga has designated “Intensification Corridors.” Making travel faster and easier, the new LRT line on Hurontario/Highway 10 will connect with the Cooksville GO station, and the new BRT buses on Dundas will connect to TTC subway stations.

Transit map

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The vision is here —
the new Cooksville is coming.

The Dundas Connects project that EMBLEM is part of arose from the wide-ranging Vision Cooksville Report.

Setting out objectives for Mississauga for the next 20-30 years, it describes how Cooksville will be transformed through intensification, infrastructure investment, redevelopment and revitalization.

Our Proposed Communities

Coming soon to Square One South, Mississauga.
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The art of transformation.

In the centre of the revitalization of Cooksville in Mississauga.

EMBLEM is transforming two sites at Hurontario and Dundas into condominium communities steeped in the most modern design and amenities. Bold, creative flair intersects with thoughtful, clean aesthetics to create the perfect marriage of art and timeless design.

At EMBLEM, design is heart and soul of the brand and its intent is to show what exists behind an action or an object in a clear way.

Our Foundation

Who we are.

EMBLEM Developments is the private equity arm of First Avenue Investment Counsel, a leading Canadian investment management firm, led by founder and CEO, Kash Pashootan. He has a 20-year history of executing and delivering results for the families that have trusted the firm with their capital. First Avenue manages in excess of $1 billion and delivers deep financial backing to EMBLEM by putting in place the resources to set up and successfully execute a development. This includes EMBLEM’s professionals, who are experienced in development, sales, and construction. Together the team brings a strong covenant to execute from theory to final product.

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